Point of Care Testing

How does the SPS Point of Care Testing Service work?

The SPS service addresses the significant issues with the current use of Point of Care Testing (POCT), as clearly defined in the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) Guidelines issued in 2002, 2010 and 2013, and the Pathology Quality Assurance Review 2014. The service includes the following steps:


SPS offer an initial, free of charge, consultation, to understand the aims and objectives of each service, providing expert advice to fully understand your service requirements, the clinical need and benefits of introducing the POCT proposed.

We will:

  • identify the appropriate equipment required;
  • appraise the equipment options available to you;
  • define the performance requirements;
  • define the appropriate Internal Quality Control that will be required;
  • define the appropriate External Quality Assessment that will be required; and
  • advise on the appropriate composition of a POCT Committee.


With access to the multi-national purchasing power of iPP and to the latest technological innovations as they come to market, SPS can purchase and provide POCT equipment and consumables at competitive prices.


Having purchased the POCT equipment, SPS will validate the performance of the instruments before installation into your service, interfacing the equipment with an agreed IT system to store results in a central database or transfer to local electronic patient record (EPR) systems where applicable.


SPS will confirm the Internal Quality Control (IQC) and External Quality Assessment (EQA) you will need to undertake as part of your overall Quality Assurance.

To support you, we will provide:

  • Standard Operating Procedures, clearly defining accountability, roles and responsibilities, instructions for use (including manufacturers instructions), maintenance requirements, health and safety procedures, incident reporting protocols, Internal Quality Assessments (IQA) processes and External Quality Assessment (EQA) processes; and
  • Tailored Record Logs and arrangements for archiving.


Training is an on-going process, with staff benefiting from a Continuing Personal Development (CPD) programme to maintain competency.
SPS will provide a comprehensive training package for your staff to ensure competence and compliance with best practice, including:

  • training of staff in the operation and maintenance of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) equipment to a level where
  • the operator is a “certified” POCT Operator of the overall process;
  • training in completion of Record Logs;
  • training in the interpretation of results and advice on the incorporation into clinical pathways; and
  • training in IQC and EQA procedures.