What we do

The Pathology Service: providing a world class quality pathology service, by

  • Providing services as required 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including bank holidays and public holidays.
  • Providing diagnostic tests to support patient clinical management, interpretation and reporting of results as well as clinical advice on further investigation and treatment of patients.
  • Ensuring that the volume and range of tests over the life of the contract is met and responds to demand management requirements, including future changes in clinical demand, new technologies and changes in national guidance and quality standards.
  • Using the clinical expertise of consultant pathologists from the Trusts and leveraging the Europe-wide expertise of our partners to provide a ‘best in class’ pathology consultancy and advisory service to the Trusts and, also, to any other healthcare organisations wishing to seek advice from us.
  • Integrating pathology services across the Trusts, informed by the separation of routine and rapid response services, to achieve an optimal service configuration that is responsive to service users’ needs.